Dear Hackney Wick Community

Following the latest government U-Turn (can you tell we are losing our patience) it is with great sadness that we have had to close once more (from 20th December 2020) and we have no current guidance of when we will be put into Tier 3 and will therefore be allowed to re-open. We assume that it will be weeks or even months.

This makes life very difficult for the team here in HWBP. We are using the Furlough scheme and have loans to tide us through but we still have bills to pay and once again we are asking if any of our community is able to support us through this next lock down.

We know that you may not have anything to give financially so below is a series of options for literally any budget. You could just give us a good google review or existing members (or new ones) can keep their subs going or even just give £5 a month. Every little helps just now.

We hope you manage to have a lovely Christmas and new year and we hope to see you all again very soon.

Existing Members

All monthly memberships will be paused as standard for the time we are closed in November. However, some of you have said you would like to keep your membership going at full price or at a smaller donation for this month. If you are one of these amazingly generous people then please click on the link above where you can choose what level of support you would like to give us.

Keeping your membership running, even at a reduced amount, will have a huge effect on how much we can do for the team while we are closed and help us to come back better and stronger when we re-open. 

Become a Member

We have had (incredibly) people coming in to set up memberships knowing that we are closing. It’s so amazing to be shown this support from our community. If you want to do the same you can click the link for Full or partial membership above. If you are less affected by this global situation and what to offer your support this is an amazingly generous way to do it.

Buy a Punch Card

Theses will be redeemable once we open again. You can buy a 5 or a 10 pass. This added cash flow will be super useful for us and you will get to use them whenever we re-open.

Purchase a Gift Card

Purchasing a gift card now would be a huge help! You can redeem the value once we re-open but this gives us a great help in terms of cashflow in months when our income is reduced to nearly nothing. 


We know that not everyone will have the financial freedom in these difficult times to do any of the above. As another option, you could leave us a review on google. This would help us greatly to return to business once it’s safe to open the doors again.

Send Some Love

Last but not least, we are extremely thankful for your ongoing support and all the kind words and help we’ve received so far. On a positive note, you’ve got a while to choose your outfit for that massive party we’re going to throw for all of our supporters once this whole thing is over! In the meantime – stay safe, keep positive and get those damn fingers strong